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Drug Discovery Informatics

Biosys provides a wide array of drug discovery informatics services that can save time in processing research data, thereby allowing customers to focus on research. We offer deep expertise in informatics across target classes such as kinase, GPCRs, NHR and ion channels, including custom curation, data abstraction, pathway analysis, biomarker discovery and analysis, genomic analysis and also pharmacovigilance. 

Being a leading contract research organization in India, Jubilant Biosys uses a lean approach to implement an evidence-based decision-making process of scientific discovery. Our discovery informatics solutions empower your organization to rapidly achieve advanced analytic capability by transforming a sea of data into actionable intelligence. 

Discovery informatics services

Our informatics services and solutions are aimed at solving the data challenges that arise at each stage of drug discovery. The Biosys informatics team has a large pool of qualified professionals with a high level of proficiency in technology platforms and leverages our vast experience in the pharma and life science industries to offer digital and informatics solutions.

Biosys Discovery Informatics offer the following services:

  • Custom curation services (biology, chemistry and clinical trial)
  • Genome data analysis
  • Target intelligence and analytics
  • Clinical trial intelligence
  • Pharma IT services

Custom Curation Services

Biosys employs a proven methodology to create content databases curated from various data sources, as per customer specification. These content databases are manually curated by M.S/PhD level scientists guided through defined Good Curation Practice (GCP), controlled vocabulary and ontology. Our custom curation services cover biology, chemistry and clinical trial domains across many therapeutic and disease areas.

Genome Data Analysis

We can offer our customers comprehensive genome data analysis services to address one of the most obvious challenges faced by the pharma industry. Our genome services range from sequence annotation to functional mapping and are characterized by our proficiency in cutting edge tools and vast experience in processing R&D data. Biosys’ genome analysis capabilities are well supported by our proprietary Discovery Informatics Gateway (DIG) platform which comprises pathway, biomarker and small molecule databases, as they extensively cover various cancer types and provide Biosys with an edge in annotations.

Target Intelligence and Analytics

Target discovery is made simpler with Biosys’ target analytic reports generated from the DIG platform and custom curation of data from patents, journal articles and clinical reports. The target reports are tailormade to suit customer specifications and save a lot of scientist’s time in their target research.

Clinical Trial Intelligence

Our clinical trial intelligence services offer tailor made data intelligence and analytical solutions in categories such as: Key Opinion Leader (KOL) assessment; health technology assessment; formularies and payer intelligence; clinical biomarkers; drug repositioning strategy intelligence; disease-area pipeline benchmarking intelligence.

Pharma IT Services

Integrating technology into the drug discovery process is a natural extension of our strength in informatics services. From building novel automation platforms and large-scale data acquisition and analysis systems, to advanced solutions for clinical data, Biosys offers IT solutions that span the entire drug discovery R&D process and present scientists with decision making information and tools which can reduce research time and speed up projects.