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In-vitro Biology & Pharmacology Solutions

The In-vitro Biology Group at Jubilant has the infrastructure and expertise to perform a variety of biochemical and cellular assays against most target classes, including enzymes, GPCR’s, NHR’s and transporters.

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for in-vitro pharmacology services to enable these assays, including sophisticated liquid-handling, compound-handling and assay-detection systems. With a high ratio of PhD scientists, the group of in-vitro pharmacology has the necessary expertise to take on target validation and mechanism studies.

in-vitro biology & pharmacology services

The following functional services are provided:

  • Biochemical and cell-based assay development and validation
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation for screening
  • Fully automated compound management system
  • Statistical support with IT-enabled screening tools
  • Advanced algorithms for data processing and quality evaluation

Biology Assay Development & Validation

We offer extensive assay development and validation service at every stage in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products to evaluate pharmacokinetic parameters, toxicity, safety and efficacy. Our biologists assist you with precise and adaptable cellular assays to meet your preclinical or clinical biomarker sample analysis needs.

Biochemical and Cell-based Assays

  • Radioactive Binding Assays
  • FRET
  • HTRF
  • Kinetic Assays
  • Filter Binding Assays
  • Scintillation Proximity Assays
  • Calcium dye-based FLIPR Assays
  • hERG Binding Assays
  • Whole Blood Assays
  • Cell Viability (LDH, MTT, Alamar Blue)
  • Flow Cytometry Assays
  • Western Blotting and In Cell ELISA

Target or Pathway Specific Assay

  • DiscoverX Platform, including Beta-arrest in Assays (PathHunter and PathFinder Assays)

Phenotypic Screens

Assay Technologies

  • Radiometric- SPA, Filter Binding, Flash Plate
  • Fluorescent- FP, FRET, HTRF, TRF, DELFIA, Lance
  • Luminescent Alpha Screen
  • Luminescent Aequorin Assays
  • Meso Scale Discovery Platform.

Our experienced team of in-vitro pharmacology brings strong problem-solving skills and expertise in a large variety of assays and techniques mentioned above.