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Structural Biology Services

The highly-experienced structural biology team at Jubilant Biosys supports structure-based drug discovery from gene to protein co-crystal structures with small-molecule compounds at high resolution using x-ray crystallography.

Jubilant Biosys provides protein expression and protein purification services in three efficient expression systems. Our service comes with a full package – from construct design, gene cloning and expression, custom protein production, protein characterization to crystal hit screening and optimization, x-ray diffraction data collection and structure solving. We also provide recombinant proteins and cells expressing target proteins for functional assays.

Structural biology services

The structural biology team provides the following functional services that help to accelerate small-molecule drug discovery and have a track record serving more than 20 pharmaceutical/biotech companies worldwide.

Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Services

Jubilant Biosys offers high-quality proteins for enzymatic assays, high throughput screening, biophysical and structural studies. The team has worked on ~80 protein targets and delivered more than 300 proteins. Recombinant protein services helped customers’ need for high throughput screening activity.

  • Constructs design
  • Screening in various expression systems (E. coli, baculo-insect and mammalian cells)
  • Expression optimization and scale-up
  • Co-expression with chaperons or regulatory domain
  • Refolding from inclusion bodies
  • Various chromatography steps with highly efficient AKTA purification systems
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • Size exclusion chromatography
  • Cell culture in flasks and wave bags (5L)
  • Purity >95% (on SDS-PAGE)

Biophysical Analysis Services

  • Thermal shift assay
  • Protein’s melting temperature measurement (Tm)
  • Identification of suitable protein storage buffer
  • Assess compound binding with protein
  • Mass spectrometry (currently being outsourced to IISc, Bangalore)
    • Intact mass measurement
    • Protein identity
  • Surface plasmon resonance
    • Pioneer FE system in place
    • Kon, koff & KD in a single injection
    • Evaluation of irreversible inhibition by kinact/Kl or kon Cc
    • Screening low Mw fragments (~125Da)

X-ray Crystal Structural Studies Services

The Jubilant Biosys team has demonstrated its strength in protein engineering to suit the needs of crystallization by designing multiple constructs for a given gene-to-structure project and worked on ~40 different protein targets and delivered more than 250 co-crystal structures (better than 2.5Å resolution). The structural work has been showcased through publications in peer-reviewed international journals (where the Biosys team is co-authored with clients).

  • Protein crystallization (apo or in presence of ligand) crystallization screening using commercial kits
  • Crystal hit optimization (sparse matrix in-house grid, additive and detergent screening)
  • Diffraction data collection using in-house x-rays
  • Synchrotron beam access (at Australia)
  • Structure determination
  • Evaluation of electron density maps for ligand binding
  • Structural analysis

Stable Cell Lines Generation Services

Jubilant Biosys has the experience in handling target genes that encompass kinases, carboxylases, ion-channels, GPCRs, lipases, etc. in generating stables in different cell backgrounds by using plasmid-mediated or lentiviral mediated transfection.