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Custom Protein Production Services 

Jubilant Biosys offers a portfolio of structural biology services, including Protein Crystallization and X-ray Crystallography to facilitate your drug discovery and research needs. Our custom protein production team has PhDs and MS level scientists trained from premier institutions and Pharma across the world. With this immense experience, the team provides consulting and guidance through every step of the process with strategic flexibility. 

We are committed to providing high-level protein expression and purification services to produce quality recombinant proteins for our global customers through flexible production scale model. With advanced workflow and technology, we work in partnership with our clients to meet their customized expression and purification needs and ensure high-throughput protein production.

custom protein production

Proteins are important biological macromolecules as they play key roles in almost every biological process of a living organism. Determining and understanding the 3D structure of a protein is essential for deciphering the mechanistic details about how a protein performs its activities.

In small molecule drug discovery of any therapeutic area, it is a prerequisite to produce an enzymatically active recombinant protein that is equivalent to the native enzyme to understand its function/activity in an in-vitro setting.

Towards this, the Structural Biology team at Jubilant Biosys provides:

(A) enzymatically active recombinant soluble proteins, overexpressed from E. coli or baculovirus-insect cells or mammalian cells.

(B) co-crystal structures of any soluble recombinant protein through X-ray crystallography using in-house X-ray diffraction facility, as well as accessing Australian Synchrotron beam.

(C) stable cell lines that express protein-of-interest.

This team has the experience of working with more than 20 pharmaceutical/biotech companies worldwide and made the following success stories.

  • Solved 11 novel structures and 5 fab complex structures
  • Delivered > 300 proteins for assays from ~ 80 different targets
  • Delivered > 250 co-crystal structures for ~40 different targets
  • Generated ~400 clones
  • 7 publications in peer reviewed international journals

Currently, the Structural Biology team has been focusing on biophysical platform (SPR, Surface Plasmon Resonance; using Pioneer FE system) to facilitate FBDD (Fragment Based Drug Discovery) support to clients.

Protein Expression & Purification

The team has vast expertise in cloning, expression, protein purification, protein crystallization, X-ray diffraction data collection, structure solution and refinement. In the past three years, this department has delivered structures for more than 25 unique target proteins, over 100 ligand-bound structures, evaluated and refined more than 4000 structures of 100 different target proteins and carried out manual annotation for about 40 million protein crystal images.

Scientists in the team have extensive prior experience in solving novel structures using different phasing methods, as demonstrated by over 20 peer-reviewed publications. The department also supports a client’s integrated drug discovery program run at our center to facilitate rational drug design.

The team has beam-line access at the Synchrotron in the USA and Europe to obtain a high-resolution structure with faster turn-around time.

The Structural Biology team provides the following functional services:

  • Gene-to-Structure
  • Cloning and Expression
  • Protein Expression, Purification, Characterization and Assays
  • Ligand-bound Structure Determination and Refinement
  • Protein-to-Structure