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Your partner in science for end-to-end CRDMO solutions

Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Jubilant Biosys, a subsidiary of Jubilant Pharmova, is a leading contract research, development and manufacturing organization in India and provides innovative drug discovery services to the global pharmaceutical industry through our locations across India and the USA.

As a partner in drug discovery and development services, Jubilant Biosys offers unique and specialized support that bridges the entire drug discovery process. If you are looking for quality solutions incorporated with the best practices in the drug discovery domain, feel free to contact us.

Multiple Therapeutic Areas

Jubilant offers integrated drug discovery services spanning across Hit Identification/Target Validation (HI/TV) to Lead Optimization (LO)/Pre-clinical Candidate (PCC), for multiple therapeutic areas. With well enabled capabilities in oncology, metabolic disorders, CNS, pain, inflammation, fibrosis and respiratory diseases, Jubilant, as an integrated preclinical CRDMO, has rapidly emerged as a leading collaborator for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

In each of these therapeutic areas, Jubilant has developed in-depth expertise in discovery informatics, computational chemistry / molecular modelling, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, in-vivo pharmacology and in-vitro pharmacology and translational sciences.

In the drug discovery process, the team focuses on early stage lead generation across various target classes and uses a wide range of technologies, including high throughput screening, molecular modelling, medicinal chemistry, structural biology and computational chemistry, to identify novel start points that are then selectively taken through the pre-clinical discovery process. Our expertise in animal pharmacology with multiple PD and disease models enabled, help us deliver IND candidates.

Jubilant Drug Discovery at a Glance

  • 1400+ people working on drug discovery spread across three locations (Noida, Greater Noida and Bengaluru in India)
  • Demonstrated expertise: ~50 programs leading to pre-clinical decision outcomes with some leading to successful clinical outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Exploratory and translational outcomes across target and disease platforms enabling “right shots at the goal”
  • Integrated and robust pre-clinical and “early stage POC” portfolio management

A Customized Approach

Jubilant operates on a customized approach offering innovative solutions across the drug discovery value chain to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. To suit each client’s requirements in the best possible manner, we offer flexibility through the following business models:

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) based
  • Fee For Service (FFS) based
  • Integrated Drug Discovery Programs
  • Milestone and Hybrid Models
  • Shared Risk Model


Jubilant collaborates with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic institutions and research foundations. Innovative and rigorous science, excellence in execution, and absolute integrity, combined with flexible business models has enabled Jubilant to deliver valuable outcomes in a relatively short period of time. The hallmark of Jubilant’s collaborative model is the creation of value to partners.

Accelerating Drug Discovery: From Target/Hit Identification to Candidate Identification / Selection

At the heart of pharmaceutical innovation lies the drug discovery process, which encompasses meticulous scientific exploration, including the pivotal early stages of research – from Target/Hit Identification and validation to the identification of a drug candidate or lead compound.

At Jubilant Biosys, we are at the forefront of this exciting journey and offer integrated drug discovery services that combine advanced technologies, expert teams, and efficient workflows.

Various stages of Integrated Drug Discovery

  1. Target/Hit Identification: Through advanced techniques such as protein science and crystallography, along with fragment screening using SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) , we identify promising biological targets and screens compounds to discover hits (Hit Identification) that interact with these targets. This is complemented by medicinal and computational chemistry screening and profiling, as well as early ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) and PK (Pharmacokinetics) assessments. In vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies are conducted to assess the efficacy of the identified leads.
  2. Hit to Lead (H2L): Once hits are identified, we apply medicinal and computational chemistry techniques to optimize their properties, transforming them into lead compounds. This process involves iterative design, synthesis, and testing to enhance potency, selectivity, and other desirable characteristics.
  3. Lead Optimization:With a focus on medicinal chemistry and DMPK studies, , there is a need to refine lead compounds further. Structural biology tools, including co-crystallization and computational modeling, assist in optimizing the compounds' interactions with their targets. Safety profiling and pre-formulation activities are also conducted at this stage.
  4. Candidate ID/Selection: After lead compounds are optimized, the candidate selection process begins, leading to the identification of the Investigational New Drug (IND) candidates. This entails process development, scale-up, GLP API supply, genotoxicity, and non-GLP and GLP toxicity studies. D2M predictions help assess the candidates' market potential.

We offer a comprehensive and streamlined drug discovery process designed to achieve rapid milestones in the development of novel therapeutics. We strive to leverage advanced technologies and expertise to foster speedy execution and deliver promising drug candidates.