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Your partner in science for end-to-end CRDMO solutions

Synthetic Chemistry Services

With about 2 decades of proven track record in providing chemistry services to small, medium and large Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, Biosys has a strong team of experienced project leaders engaged in a wide variety of chemistry and consistently upgrading themselves and their teams on latest developments. Our chemistry teams functioning from Noida and Greater Noida facilities are provided with the most modern instruments supporting them carry out complex custom synthesis and collaborative medicinal chemistry programs. Our expertise includes providing services in the field of heterocyclics, carbohydrates, peptides, nucleosides, nucleotides, lipids, photo-redox, organo-metallics, PROTACS to name a few. Highly equipped and experienced Analytical team clubbed with a proactive Supply Chain team helps us in delivering a high quality science with speed and enabling our customers meet their critical timelines.

Synthetic Capabilities

The team has the experience to take on any kind of synthetic challenges involving various types of chemistry including PROTAC, carbohydrate, nucleotide & nucleoside, peptide, heterocyclic, asymmetric, porphyrins, enzymatic chemistry and many others.

  • Complex molecules from grams to multi kilos
  • Reference compounds and scaffold synthesis
  • Small molecules; Analogues for lead generation; Lead optimization
  • Focused libraries: 50-200
  • Large libraries: >1,000
  • Multi-step stereoselective synthesis of chiral molecules
  • Expertise in handling photo-chemical reactions
  • Chemoenzymatic and resolution techniques for chiral molecules
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Flow-chemistry







Advantages of selecting our chemists to work on your NCEs

  • Services with efficient and excellent quality
  • Track record of developing complex and multi-step synthetic processes
  • Well trained and skilled scientists with diversified experience
  • Flexible business models

Custom Synthesis Services

Jubilant Biosys specializes in offering flexible and cost-effective solutions to its clients globally to meet their custom organic synthesis requirements. With deep knowledge, experience and infrastructure, our team has extensive analytical and synthetic chemical capabilities in providing a competitive edge to your custom synthesis needs.

  • Reactor scale from 5-:1.00L in a single site
  • Synthesis of intermediates to support on-going medicinal chemistry programs
  • Final product/intermediates, well-characterized using our analytical laboratory
  • Use of flow chemistry