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Delivering the Added Dimension in Drug Discovery Services

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Greater Noida Facility is now operational!

Connect with us to find out what our State-of-the-Art facility offers.

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Delivering the Added Dimension in Drug Discovery

Time is a defining factor in drug discovery today. Our people, systems and processes are honed for delivering the highest quality results to enable our innovator customers to accelerate drug discovery for final IND submission.

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Chemistry Innovation Research Centre

A state of the art digitally enabled chemistry research facility with more than 200,000 sqft lab space. Designed for speed and efficiency with Covid-19 measures built in for maximum safety.

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Deep & Defining Scientific Know-how

Employing dedicated scientists with over 14 years experience in oncology, metabolic disorders, CNS, pain, inflammation and fibrosis as well as multiple niche therapeutic areas.

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Delivering over 80 Integrated Discovery Projects

Our track record of achieving results is our platform for the future. Customers can choose individual functional services or a fully integrated solution.

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Developing your Drug Candidate

We rapidly scale-up your candidate for GLP TOX and GMP Phase 1 or 2 fully integrated with our PR&D and Analytical Teams. This saves valuable time to achieve your milestones.

Jubilant Biosys
Contract Research Organisation in India

Jubilant Biosys Ltd is a part of the Jubilant Pharmova family of companies with R&D centers in India and business offices in Asia and North America. With our global reach, Jubilant Biosys provides comprehensive drug discovery services and contract research services - from target discovery to candidate selection and with flexible business models (FFS, FTE and risk shared) - in partnership with leading worldwide healthcare.

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“When we first started working with Jubilant’s chemists and scientists four years ago, we designed, and Jubilant made, a compound that that was eventually sold to Novartis and is in phase 2 for treatment resistant depression. It was an outstanding collaboration. “

Bob Volkmann Ph.D. – Founder and Chief Scientific Officer BioPharmaWorks

“We’ve been working with Jubilant now for 7 years or more… Jubilant is an integral part of our team and of so much of what we’ve done and have accomplished to date. It’s a true team effort… Geographically we might be separated, but we never feel separate. They always function like they’re right here within our walls. They are just a super partner.”

Siegfried Reich Ph.D. – Co-founder and Senior Vice President eFFECTOR Therapeutics

“It’s all about time. Time is potentially our biggest enemy. The faster we move, and create value, the better off we are, and this is something Jubilant Biosys understands.”

Dr. Hassan Pajouhesh – Director of Medicinal Chemistry SiteOne Therapeutics

“We’ve been working with Jubilant since 2016… Early on, Mavu had some tough nuts to crack—the biology was pretty novel and we had to pound on that a few months to figure it out…. We designed a lot of the experiments, and then with Jubilant, had someone to reliably execute them.”

Michael Gallatin, Ph.D. – President and Co-founder Mavupharma (Mavu)

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