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TrialStat Clinical Trial Data Management

TrialStat delivers data solutions on-demand for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, contract research organizations and data management companies. Our TrialStat eClinical Suite consists of three fully unified product offerings – 'TrialStat EDC' for powerful data capture, 'TrialStat Portal' for real-time reporting and 'TrialStat CTMS' for overall management.

Digital Circle Clinical Trial Data

Clinical trial data management requirements are simplified and streamlined with technology solutions built to fit specific needs. Our team of clinical professionals have invested extensive resources, combined with user feedback, to develop and expand this robust, flexible, and easy-to-use trial management suite, making it easier to manage and report on all study facets.

TrialStat’s integrated suite of study management tools are an ideal fit for busy study managers and clinical operations professionals looking to resource a cost-effective solution that will eliminate challenges and simplify their vendor roster.

With a focus on data analytics, TrialStat offers robust reporting and metrics across a single study, a program, or an entire research portfolio – providing all stakeholders relevant, customized, real-time insight into all aspects of study data and highlighting areas of risk or potential delays.

  • TrialStat has been the solution of choice for the successful execution of over 500 clinical trials
  • Of those trials, 96% of studies launched on time and we locked the database within 10 days on more than 92% studies
  • TrialStat eClinical Suite meets the needs of users across all study phases including pilot / proof of concept studies, Phase I, II, II and IV studies, as well as medical device and diagnostic studies
  • TrialStat’s platform can be accessed from any browser or portable device, without the requirements of any proprietary browser plugins or desktop software installs
  • Our device agnostic model allows simultaneous access from mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers

TrialStat EDC 

TrialStat EDC is a scalable, cloud-based electronic data capture suite for pilot / proof of concept studies, phase I, II, III and IV studies. It is an ideal choice for the unique requirements of medical device and diagnostic studies. TrialStat EDC is built on the latest technologies to allow all users complete system access via any web browser or mobile device.

TrialStat Portal

TrialStat Portal provides ultimate study management through real-time visualization of the study data. It seamlessly integrates with all TrialStat products, offering flexible, customizable user dashboards to view and drill down into data. Portal enables users to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently to continuously maintain control of the study.

TrialStat CTMS

TrialStat CTMS seamlessly captures and reports real-time dynamic data from clinical operations and data management functions. A variety of customizable reports are available through easy-to-use reporting dashboards. Real-time reporting in a user-friendly interface empowers clinical teams to make decisions quicker and act sooner.

Custom Development

TrialStat also offers full service, flexible, cost-effective study development services across all phases of clinical research, as well as custom technology implementations and integrations. As a matter of practice, we regularly include new features based on sponsor requirements. Our expert software architects, software developers, and compliance experts provide complete custom development and technology integration services to meet your unique requires while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and Privacy Shield.

From rapid database build through database lock, we deliver consistent quality on-time and on-budget.