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Quality & IP

At Jubilant Biosys, quality is a journey of continual improvement for all our activities. Every employee strives to provide high-quality innovation and output, be it in products or services.

Our ability to be the preferred partner in the drug discovery industry is sustained by our commitment to comply with and continually improve our quality systems. Jubilant Biosys is the first Indian drug discovery services provider that is implementing Lean-Six Sigma Practices to achieve higher efficiencies, productivity and reduced timelines for its processes.

jubilant biosys quality standards

Quality Assurance

Jubilant Biosys has an experienced and independent Quality Assurance (QA) team to facilitate Good Research Practices (GRP) at our sites. Our QA team works with a set of standard operating procedures (SOP) that are based on the principles of GRP to ensure the delivery of reliable results, which are relevant, traceable, reproducible and auditable.

Implementation and maintenance of SOP are managed effectively by the QA team. We examine study plans, inspect the critical phases of studies, and review the draft and final reports of toxicology studies. Also, we periodically inspect the routine processes of labs and facilities, validate equipment and software, to ensure the smooth implementation of GRP
Read our Quality policy here.

ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS)

People, process and technology are critical to our company for the conduct of our business. By establishing, documenting, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO standards, we have greater confidence in our personnel and the information security framework, offering better assurance to our customers. As a part of the ISMS, we also address business continuity requirements in adverse conditions.

Biosys is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. Our ongoing commitment to the security of our services to clients is endorsed by the British Standards Institution, India (BSI).

The globally recognized ISO 27001:2013 standard requires us to:

  • Constantly evaluate our information security risks, considering the business impact of threats and vulnerabilities that are specific to Jubilant Biosys and our clients
  • Design and put into practice a wide range of information security controls and risk management procedures to address the company and its architecture
  • Implement a management process to ensure that the information security controls meet our information security needs continuously so that we remain secure to emerging threats

Benefits of ISMS to our Customers:

ISO 27001:2013 certification demonstrates our assurance of information security at all levels. Compliance with this internationally recognized standard, audited by an independent certification body, confirms that our Information Security Management System follows global best practices.

Intellectual Property

At Jubilant Biosys, we are constantly involved in the creation of Intellectual Property for our clients with strategic and innovative potential of our scientific capabilities respecting third-party IP rights. Our experienced scientific and non-scientific teams ensure confidentiality, data integration and protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients.