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Jubilant Biosys

Delivering the Added Dimension in Drug Discovery Services

Our 4D Approach

4D is about ‘thinking’ and challenging the accepted normality so that we can continuously bring improvement and deliver an excellent quality service to our partner customers, who in turn provide effective therapeutic solutions to aid humanity.

Recognises that ‘thinking’ is the most important part of our service offering, allied to the safe deployment of practical skills

How do we Create the 4th Dimension?

It is a combination of culture and values with training and understanding customers projects in detail. The simple fact is that our global pharma and biotech partners can gain an advantage against a time window that is narrowing as finite time is used to reach each critical action points. Our customers expect us to contribute to a number of dimensions outside the norm.

We know that discovery is an investigative job and to close off areas of enquiry can be as important as establishing the right route to follow. A comprehensive understanding of the science of the project and then deploying the best available technology with the knowledge of that area is essential. Our clients can involve us in the analysis or equally expect us to deliver the raw data in an agreed format.