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jubilant biosys r&d centre in noida

Jubilant Biosys R&D Centre

The R&D Centre is located in Noida, National Capital Region (New Delhi).  Our state-of-the art contract research and development facility provides the perfect environment for delivering world-class preclinical CRDMO services.

The Jubilant R&D Centre hosts:

  • 521 employees (69 PhD and 452 Masters-level scientists)
  • Facility of around 85,000 sq.ft. for chemistry and medicinal chemistry services
  • Access-restricted laboratories for client-specific IP and custom work
  • Fully-equipped laboratories
  • Recreation area for training, indoor games zone, library, cafeteria, and ATM are integral parts of the facility

Jubilant Lab Infrastructure

Jubilant continues to invest in its research infrastructure to meet growing business demands, as a service provider in the drug discovery value chain.

Synthetic Chemistry

For our capabilities of diverse chemistry at different scale, the Jubilant team is equipped with the following infrastructure:

  • More than 35 well-equipped chemistry labs
  • Modular laboratories with 4-10 fume hoods for small and medium scale synthesis
  • Specifically designed laboratories for large-scale synthesis
  • Flash chromatography in each laboratory
  • Hydrogenation laboratory
  • Microwave reactors

Analytical Chemistry

Jubilant provides analytical services to support small scale, large scale, library synthesis, medicinal chemistry and process chemistry initiatives equipped with the following infrastructure:

  • NMR (400 MHz, Bruker) x3 numbers
  • LCMS [Q ToF and SQD (Waters), Ion trap (Agilent) AP 2000 (Sciex)] x10 numbers
  • UPLC/HPLC/RRLC (Waters, Agilent) x14 numbers
  • Prep HPLC (Waters) x8 numbers