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Your partner in science for end-to-end CRDMO solutions

Preclinical Research Services

With two Research sites in India, Jubilant Biosys is a contract research organization collaborating with global pharma’s and biotech to accelerate their small molecule research programs. Delivering candidates across multiple therapeutic areas and target classes. Technology and infrastructure complement our scientific team.

Jubilant Biosys is focussed on accelerating research programs, drug discovery, and preclinical drug development by implementing Lean Six Sigma practices to achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and reduced timelines for our processes. We constantly evaluate our quality and security framework based on the ISO standards to offer better assurance to our clients globally.

Preclinical CRO - Jubilant Biosys

Preclinical Research Study

We provide accelerated development and competitive advantage across multiple therapeutic areas through successful GLP studies. Our specialized preclinical CRO/CDMO team has rich experience and state-of-the-art facilities to identify the most promising compounds for your drugs and biology needs.

At Jubilant Biosys, we are committed to meeting the client’s needs while maintaining the quality and integrity of the project outsourced to us. Our in-house team consistently deliver high-quality results for narrowing the selection of drug candidates in preclinical and early drug development process.


Target to Lead Generation

Our target identification process is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients using high-throughput screening, helping them make key decisions about their lead candidate.

  • Structural Biology
    (Protein Science, Crystallography)
  • Medicinal and Computational Chemistry
  • Screening & Profiling
  • Early ADMET & PK
  • In vitro / In vivo  Pharmacology


Lead Optimization

Turn on to our lead optimization solutions. With an experienced cross-functional team, we help our partners fulfil their preclinical research needs and accelerate their timeline to reach the clinical phase rapidly.

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • DMPK
  • SBDD (Co-crystallization, Computational Modelling)
  • Target Engagement  & Disease Models
  • Safety Profile
  • Pre-formulation


Candidate Selection (IND)

From lead to candidate selection, we help our partners determine their best candidate through careful assessment of toxicology and efficacy before entering human trials.

  • Process Development
  • Scale-up & GMP API Supply
  • Genotox
  • Non-GLP & GLP Tox
  • D2M Predictions (WinNonlin)