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Jubilant Life on Earth

You will notice that each of the Jubilant Pharmova websites has a colourful moving image as the main banner. These images are drawn from four distinct aspects of our planet: humanity, water, earth and flora/fauna.

Life on earth globe

About Jubilant Life on Earth

Our planet started to form 4.54 billion years ago in a universe that has existed for an estimated 14.7 billion years. Life started to form from pools of chemicals near the primitive oceans. There is no doubt that life on earth is diverse and special. Our website home pages reflect our love of life and ultimately our quest to sustain human life while respecting our planet.

Humankind will always seek to improve its situation. If somebody is ill, we will seek a cure for that ailment. The medical fraternity with a selection of machines, medicinal products and diagnostic devices will try to deliver the therapeutic need.

In the Jubilant company which started over 40 years ago, there was a thought to counteract many human ailments with therapeutic solutions. There is a global need for affordable pharma and healthcare. The customers we supply are diverse in size and ambition. They are often businesses or institutions that make products to try to improve the health or well-being of humanity. A whole spectrum of feelings has overlaid individuals, their families and their extended friends when loved ones are not well, never mind the economic impact of the various diseases and health issues. We think of cancer as a major human scourge among many which attack various parts of the human body. Preservation of life has always been an essential element of the Jubilant Pharmova world.

Excellent science requires skill, art, diligence and an eye for detail.

People might wonder why we have sea ‘life’. They may wonder why we feature a close up of kiwi fruit or the macro shot of a peacock feather. A man called Alexander Humboldt was the first person to write about the connections across all living matter on the earth’s surface and the ecological impact man was having on the planet. Nothing, not even the tiniest organism, can be looked at on its own. In this interconnected manner, he brought scientific rationality to the web of life. When nature is perceived as a web, its vulnerability also becomes obvious.

It is the case with the Biosys 4D concept that time management and attention to detail are featured heavily in our discovery positioning. Equally, this is augmented with the scale of manufacture and efficiency of the process in Life Science Ingredients. We find that the connection of life on earth with water (oceans) is replicated by our commercial connectivity with some of the APIs made in India being made into finished drugs in the USA and being retailed in major US retail chains.

The diversity and breadth of products and services in the Jubilant Pharmova World are unified by their intent in improving ‘life’. The Jubilant Pharmova businesses span ingredients for agrochemicals to the isotopes that help nuclear imaging of patients. The business has products in over 80 countries and has leading positions in allergy in the USA or the production of Pyridine worldwide.

Life has evolved in the Jubilant World and so we feature here many different aspects of life in the context of our precious planet. We hope you enjoy our vision of the Jubilant Life on Earth. This company applauds the idea of improving lives every day and recognises there are many challenges we strive to overcome.

Creative concept by Wing Lee Creative 

Life Sciences

Life Sciences is represented by cells at the molecular level.
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Pharma features oceans which take up 71% of the earth’s surface.
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Ingredients have geology which is so important for the source material of many chemicals.
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Biosys has fauna and flora which are the ultimate biodiversity of 1.3 million known species.