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12th May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is by its nature global. It transcends many boundaries and impacts our ability to talk with our customers face to face in person. We have maintained connection via digital platforms, which has meant in reality more face-to-face daily consultation with customers. We want to emphasize the effort being made to combat Covid-19.

Why are we calling this campaign ‘Covid Life-Saver’?

Put simply, as a business we do what we can to check, clean, monitor and keep our staff safe on our premises. We provide site-access to doctors, filtrated air, modern canteens, crèche and space for safe break-out areas.

Still, we feel that a surge in positive Covid-19 cases is caused by mixing and people gathering outside in areas we cannot legislate over.

The measures outlined by the government of wearing masks, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet and sanitizing at every opportunity cannot be overemphasized. Most importantly not mixing with people who are not fully bought into our LIFE-SAVING values.

Our monitoring of staff and clean modern environment will work with our team members all adhering to the new reality.

It is up to the individual and the team as a whole to come together. Sticking to both the guidelines at work and at home will make the positive impact we want.

We want our staff to be safe.

We want all families to be safe.

We want to defeat Covid-19.

Everyone can be a Covid Life-Saver…. We encourage all our hero scientists to spread the word because they understand the science and danger of Covid-19.

By adhering to government guidelines and taking everything that Biosys has to offer in assistance, we will all be Covid Life-Savers.

We are scheduling a stringent vaccination drive, in coordination with hospital chains/local government and all our employees will be vaccinated very soon.