Structural Biology

Jubilant biosys offers a portfolio of structural biology services, including Protein Crystallization and X-ray Crystallography to facilitate your drug research. The Structural Biology team at Jubilant is the largest team in India with Ph.Ds and MS level scientists trained from premier institutions and Pharma across the world..

The team has vast expertise in cloning, expression, protein purification, protein crystallization, crystal image annotation, X-ray diffraction data collection, structure solution and refinement. In the past three years, this department has delivered structures for more than 25 unique target proteins, over 100 ligand-bound structures, evaluated and refined more than 4000 structures of 100 different target proteins and carried out manual annotation for about 40 million protein crystal images. Scientists in the team have extensive prior experience in solving novel structures using different phasing methods, as demonstrated by over 20 peer-reviewed publications. -SB team also supports client’s integrated drug discovery program run at our center to facilitate rational drug design.

The team has beam-line access at the Synchrotron in the USA and Europe to obtain high resolution structure with a faster turn-around time.

The Structural Biology team provides the following functional services:

  • Gene-to-Structure
  • Cloning and Expression
  • Protein Expression, Purification, Characterization and Assays
  • Ligand-bound Structure Determination and Refinement
  • Crystal Image Annotation
  • Protein-to-structure