Since its inception, Jubilant’s business model of providing functional services across discovery and preclinical portfolio has received wide acceptance and is demonstrated by the continuing long term and sustainable partnerships that the Jubilant Biosys has been able to enter.

Jubilant’s Functional Discovery Services

Our functional discovery services are designed to align with collaborators’ therapeutic strategies across lead generation, preclinical and clinical development platforms.

The Company provides functional services across the entire value chain of discovery and development to include:

  • Discovery Informatics Services

    Custom curation services, Genome data analysis, Target Intelligence and Analytics, Clinical...

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  • Computational Chemistry

    Structure Based Drug Design, Fragment based Disc...

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  • Structural Biology Services - Jubilant Biosys

    Structural Biology

    Gene to Structure Services...

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  • Chemistry Services for Drug Discovery


    Design, SAR support, Library design, Scale-up, pre-formulation and characterization support...

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  • In Vitro Biology Services

    In Vitro Biology

    High throughput screening and profiling, Biochemical and Cell based assay development and...

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  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) Services - Jubilant Biosys


    Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) team has state-of-art facility with strong scientific team...

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  • In Vivo Biology

    Physiochemical properties, Animal pharmacokinetics, Metabolite...

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  • Toxicology

    Acute toxicity, Repeat dose toxicity, AMES test, Chromosomal...

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