Drug Discovery Chemistry Services

Jubilant Biosys offers best-in-class drug discovery chemistry services supported by its scientific staff having experience in global pharma companies and state-of-the art infrastructure.

Collectively, our drug discovery chemists have rich experience in structure based drug design in various therapeutic areas contributing largely to our integrated and functional discovery programs.

Jubilant Biosys chemistry department offers following services as part of our medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry services:

  • Design & Synthesis of novel chemical entities in drug discovery programs such as Target to Hit, Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization SAR studies
  • Designing novel chemical entities (in collaboration with Silico Molecular Modeling Group)
  • Biological profiling of the designed compounds (In collaboration with in vitro and in vivo biology groups)
  • Structural directed design in drug discovery program(in collaboration with X- Ray Crystallography Group)
  • IPR evaluation of the scaffolds

Medicinal Chemistry Services

Medicinal chemistry is the art of designing and synthesizing compounds to be optimized and ultimately become novel drugs to treat diseases. It is a multidisciplinary field rooted in various basic disciplines such as organic chemistry, biology and pharmacology. 

Medchem Services Team

The Jubilant Biosys team responsible for implementing medicinal chemistry services comprises seasoned medicinal chemists who are not only well trained in one discipline, but have experience in bringing all the elements together into one focused drug discovery program. 

The pharmaceutical chemistry team

  • has a track record of delivering clinical candidates starting from, for example, in silico screening hits, in a short period of time
  • expertise in every step of the drug discovery process, starting from early stage target identification, hit identification, hit to lead optimization and then lead optimization leading to identification of clinical candidates.
  • comprises of approximately 100 research chemists

Working together with our Structural Biology and Computational Chemistry groups, the medchem team is well versed in interpreting biological data to optimize compounds to meet all the requirements of a viable clinical candidate.

The medicinal chemistry team has a track record of solving the various problems which are often faced during the optimization discovery process, such as potency, selectivity, off target activity, physicochemical properties, DMPK related issues, safety related issues and such. 

The team has accumulated expertise in various therapeutic areas over the years, including, but not limited to, oncology, metabolic disorders, inflammation and CNS.

The Jubilant medchem team has worked on more than 60 integrated drug discovery programs yielding many preclinical candidates, out of which numerous compound have advanced into the clinic.  

The group also has strong organic synthesis capabilities and can offer pharmaceutical chemistry services independently or as part of an integrated program.

Capabilities from target validation to IND filing

Drug Discovery Capabilities

The discovery cycle

DMTA Cycle Chemistry Services

Synthetic Chemistry Services

Experienced teams of synthetic chemists work on diversified synthetic route in combination with cutting-edge methodologies and technologies to develop highly effective solutions.

Knowledge, experience and infrastructure at Chemsys is comprised to carry out any custom synthesis for customer and collaborative medicinal chemistry programs needs.

The team has expertise in Synthetic chemistry services and is trained to take any kind of challenges in synthetic organic chemistry involving various types of chemistry viz heterocyclic, asymmetric, microwave, enzymatic and multi-step synthesis to deliver compounds to customer needs.

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