Commercial Products

Jubilant Biosys offers ready to use database packages and customizable decision support systems to suit customer specific requirements.

Products offered:

  • PathArtTM - Pathway database 
    A database of manually curated biomolecular interactions with specific focus on signaling and metabolic pathways in disease conditions. PathArt™ has a collection of more than 3000 high priority pathways covered.
  • MolsignTM - Biomarker database
    A manually curated disease centric Biomarker database, information captured for around 9000 biomarkers spanning 3 major diseases – Cancer, Arthritis and Diabetes.
  • ChembiobaseTM - Small molecule database
    A comprehensive set of target centric ligand databases of small molecules with activity against targets and target families. Chembiobase™ has a collection of more than 2 million molecules and their properties covered.