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Jubilant Biosys

Delivering the Added Dimension in Drug Discovery Services

Strengths of 4D

We champion the individual while encouraging teamwork to make us champions.

Delivery of Discovery puts Humanity at the Centre of Everything We Do

There is no doubt that one of our greatest business strengths is our highly qualified and experienced personnel. The scientific talent that exists at all levels of our organisation has the depth of knowledge needed to take on complex challenges. Like any collection of impressive individuals, they also need to operate as an effective team. They require on-going training and strengthening as the pharma market changes.

At the centre of our ‘Added Dimension Strategy’ is delivering quality integrated or specific services while conserving and valuing time. This involves a great deal of ‘thinking’ and deployment of personnel at the right time and on the right projects. Our expanding discovery capability and data service offering includes TrialStat® which aims to get faster results at the early phase of testing.

The Importance of the Individual

All individuals sign up to our shared values

Dedication – we agree to work to the best of our ability. We will always care for EHS and the quality of the work we undertake.

Integrity – we will always be honest in our dealings between ourselves and our customers.

Equality – we treat everyone with respect and value the contribution they make.

Development – we undertake on-going training which allows us to self-improve to meet the challenges of a changing compliant drug discovery world.

Thinking – this is key in how we operate as it improves our problem solving and innovation. Thoughtfulness also aids our relationship building.

4D is about ‘thinking time’ and challenging the accepted norm so we can bring an excellent quality service in a faster timescale, enabling our customers to make decisions on their desired candidate drug efficiently.

The Importance of Our Team

Decisive Communication – it is vital to connect effectively, internally and externally, to improve time efficiency and processes.

Health and Safety – it is the duty of the team to make sure each process is done with utmost care and detail.

Openness – internally sharing knowledge and expertise helps the business to continue to flourish.

Togetherness – it is important to be united in a shared goal to build our strong culture and make life at work more pleasant.

Sustainability – just as we share a good work environment, we all share the same planet. In this regard, our goal to have zero or positive impact on the world is important.